Silvertex® effectively reduces the growth of germs in stored water through its antibacterial properties. It thus inhibits the formation of biofilm and the resulting microbial contamination, which is often associated with high cleaning/maintenance costs. The large effective surface area of the Silvertex® material can be optimally flowed through due to the open design of its structure, thereby enabling the selfregulating release of silver ions into the surrounding fluid. Due to its flexible shape, Silvertex® can be inserted into almost any cleaning/maintenance opening.

  • Effective protection against contamination of (drinking) water and technical fluids
  • Has an antimicrobial effect and sustainably reduces the growth of germs in (drinking) water and technical fluids
  • Prevents/reduces microbiological growth (biofilm formation)
  • No expenditure energy required
  • Self-dosing with long-term effect up to 24 months
  • No maintenance
  • Use and functionality of up to 2 years

Preservative Exposure Test Results