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Filcon Filters


Welcome to the Home of South Africa's Complete Liquid Filtration Specialists

Filcon Filters was established in June 2000 in Cape Town, South Africa and now there is also a branch in Johannesburg. Filcon Filters are distributors or agents of filtration products for the following manufacturers: Hilliard Corp (Hilco filtration products), Hayward Filters (PVC strainers and cartridge housings), LAKOS (centrifugal separators), Argonide Corp (Nanoceram positively charged filters), Fairey Ceramics (Doulton & British Berkefeld), Sun Central (filter housings, bags and cartridges). Diefenbach (filter presses), Procedyne (purpose made strainers) as well as MIOX Corp (chemical/disinfectant generators)

Filcon Filters also outsources the manufacture of its own range of centrifugal separators (Dirt Gobbla), filter bag housings (FCB range), purging strainers (type PS), in-line basket strainers (type GT) and back flushing strainers (BFS range). Any of these products can be made to customer specifications.

But we do not just manufacture and distribute filtration products, we solve filtration problems. Filcon is a specialist filtration problem solver with two of our technical staff having over 50 years of combined experience.

Of particular interest to our customers is that Filcon Filters is an ISO 9001.2008 certified and audited quality managed company.

Quality Service

Filcon is endeavouring to master the fine art of delivering outstanding customer service on a consistent basis. No easy task, as it requires hard work and discipline to accomplish, as top management pushes for “near perfection” in delivering service to the company’s customers. Filcon is a certified and audited ISO 9001.2008 quality managed company which ensures that the company does not just rectify errors and problems in a timely and expedient manner but goes a long way towards eliminating them. Read More.

Quality Products

Filcon represents a number of well know international filter manufacturers and distributes their quality filtration products which are imported from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Taiwan (ROC) and PR China. Read More.

Local Manufacturer

Filcon believes that having custom made products in South Africa is very persuasive, because of the (small) size of the market here and the sheer range of filters that are available on the global market. It’s impractical to hold stocks of them all. So if a customer requires a filter that is in any way non-standard, we can deliver sooner and cheaper than importing. Read More.

Providing Solutions

Filcon Filters has a reputation for being able to solve complicated filtration problems. Management’s philosophy is to position Filcon, not just as a seller of filtration products, but the provider of the clearest solutions. Read More.

Our Featured Products this month

Filter Cartridges

Filcon supplies a variety of liquid filter cartridges such as, string wound, melt blown, carbon block and pleated polypropylene.
These filter cartridges are available in lengths from 10 to 50”, and micron ratings from 0.2 to 150 micron, both nominal and absolute. These cartridge filters are available in slim line or Big Blue sizes.
Filcon also offers a pleated charged media cartridge , stainless steel mesh cartridges and a ceramic /carbon cartridge for drinking water.

View our range of filter cartridges