Pure Aqua

The polluted pipe water flows into the cartridge and streams through the organic hollow fiber membranes with micropores. The hollow fibers are wrapped around a support body and owns a filtration area of 6m². In the filtration process, dirt particles are deposited on the outside of the hollow fiber, while the clean water exits on the inside of the hollow fiber. The cleaned water is collected and discharged accordingly.

PURE AQUA removes:
x Iron
x Turbidity
x Viruses
x Bacteria
x Parasites
x Legionella
x Escherichia coli
x Noroviruses


  • High quality drinking water
  • Drinking water from nearly every source
  • Mobile and universally applicable
  • No electric energy required
  • Use without chemicals
  • Innovative membrane technology
  • Lightweight, mobile filter module – inexpensive and easy to clean
  • High cleaning performance – organic hollow fibers
  • Up to 8000L drinking water per filter module per day
  • Function solely through geodetic pressure (up to 8m)
  • Filtration module life expectancy is about 10 years
  • Retrofitting existing systems possible anytime