Filter Bag

Activated Carbon Filter Bags


  • Effective removal of chlorine, odor, asbestos, mercury, lead & other types of heavy metals, and toxic organic chemicals.
  • Promote catalytic, reduction of chlorine disinfectants.
  • Loose carbon fill without using binder. 100% carbon surface exposure, low velocity and longer liquid contact time.
  • Extra large volume of carbon fill. A size two bag contains 5 kg of highly porous & uniform activated coconut shell carbon tablets.
  • High absorption speed: 180 times faster than extruded carbon block.
  • Low pressure drop, large carbon contact surface with water, low velocity, longer contact time and improved adsorption performance.
  • Dual functionalities: Not only for impurity absorption, but also for contaminant particle retention.
  • 1 ~ 100 micron range, nominal rating.
  • ACBX-AO Bag, special non-micron rated. Impurity absorption only.
  • Exclusively FDA compliant media.
  • Patented SDS™ & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings.
  • Flow rate #1 bag @ 6 MT/Hr Max., #2 bag @ 12 MT/Hr Max.
  • Change-out pressure differential 0.12 MPa, Max. 0.25 MPa.



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