Filter Bag

Oil Absorbent Filter Bags

PPAB – Polypropylene Microfiber Oil Absorbent Bags

Made entirely from virgin polypropylene resin, by the latest melt-blown fiber production technologies. The effective absorbent surface area of the microfiber is over 4 000 m2 per gram weight, four times larger than conventional staple fibers giving them one of the largest surface areas per unit weight. Such significant larger surface area gives the absorbent media supreme oil absorbing capacity, capable of absorbing and retaining oil that is twenty-three times the filter’s dry weight.


  • Double Seal: Double seals to prevent liquid bypass
  • Collapse Free: Thick wall design to resist deformation under excessive pressure
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits and seals in most brands of standard bag housings


  • Heavy duty oil absorbing capability, adsorbs trace oil up to twenty-three times absorbent’s dry weight
  • Exclusively FDA compliant ultra fine Polypropylene micro fiber media. 100% free of silicon contamination
  • Multiple layer depth media composite
  • Trace oil removal & contaminant retention dual-performance
  • 1 ~ 100 micron range, nominal rating.
  • Broad chemical compatibilities.
  • Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment.
  • Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service life
  • Change-out pressure differential 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.16 MPa.

Typical Applications:

  • Auto coating & paint
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electronics & semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical




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