• Centrifugal Water Separators
  • Centrifugal Water Separators

F1 Centrifugal Water Separators

The nano F1 range of water separators eliminate 99% of liquids in your compressed air or gas system improving your processes and reducing costly downtime.

The unique fins on the internal centrifugal module have been engineered using the latest computational fluid dynamic software to optimize liquid removal efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions. The F1 water separators are perfectly suited for variable speed compressors.

An internal shield ensures that the separated liquids cannot re-enter the air or gas stream greatly improving drainage and further improving separation performance.

With a housing manufactured from die cast aluminum and E-Coat™ finished internally and externally for industry leading corrosion resistance, the nano F1 are designed to provide a long life of reliable separation in even the most demanding applications.

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 approved facility and tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4.