Jun 5, 2013 in Blog Articles

Today, June 5th is World Environment Day. And we at Filcon Filters are keenly aware of the need to protect the environment.World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Another resolution, adopted by the General Assembly the same day, led to the creation of UNEP. It is hosted every year by a different city and commemorated with an international exposition through the week of June 5. World Environment Day is an annual event held to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. Known as WED for short, it is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is really a climax of environmental activities being undertaken all year round by UNEP and other organizations. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day celebrations is Think.Eat.Save which is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages us to reduce our foodprint. Here is a fact to consider; according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year a third of global food production is wasted…that’s 1.3 billion tonnes. That’s an awful lot of food which could feed sub-Saharan Africa (the poorest region on earth)for at least 5 years.  Food waste is an enormous drain on natural resources and a contributor to negative environmental impacts.  If food is wasted, it means that all the resources and inputs used in the production of all the food are also lost. For example, it takes about 1,000 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk and about 16,000 litres goes into a cow’s food to make a hamburger. The resulting greenhouse gas emissions from the cows themselves, and throughout the food supply chain, all end up in vain when we waste food. We at Filcon Filters are keenly aware of the environment and the need to protect it. We know that South Africa is water deprived and we promote the need to re-use, recycle and treat waste water. We are primarily involved in filtration but with our international partners do offer waste water treatment solutions. We distribute a wide range of bag and cartridge filters and housings, as well as self cleaning filters and we manufacture back flushing strainers, centrifugal separators, in line basket strainers and Y & purge strainers.