Dec 17, 2015 in Blog Articles
Will there be Enough Water Available to Meet the World’s Growing Needs?

The following is an extract from the UN World Water Development Report 2015 titled Water for a Sustainable World: “Over the past several decades, ever-growing demands for – and misuse of – water resources have increased the risks of pollution and severe water stress in many parts of the world. The frequency and intensity of local water crises have been increasing, with serious implications for public health, environmental sustainability, food and energy security, and economic development.

Although the central and irreplaceable roles that water occupies in all dimensions of sustainable development have become progressively recognized, the management of water resources and the provision of water-related services remains far too low on the scales of public perception and of governmental priorities. As a result, water often becomes a limiting factor, rather than an enabler, to social welfare, economic development and healthy ecosystems.”

“The fact is there is enough water available to meet the world’s growing needs, but not without dramatically changing the way water is used, managed and shared. The global water crisis is one of governance, more than of resource availability, and this is where the bulk of the action is required in order to achieve a water secure world.”

So much for the situation obtaining at present which is a valid assessment. But the report also gives this optimistic outcome for the year 2050 on the assumption that there is going to be a concerted global effort to solve the problem: “There is a balance between extracted water and water returned to aquatic ecosystems and aquifers, ensuring their long-term sustainability. Wastewater from all major human uses is collected and treated to the most appropriate level for reuse or release back to the environment, and maximized reuse is a major contributor to the achievement of universal access to water.”

However, there are growing tensions between various nations on water rights…river systems which are cause for concern are Nile, Tigris-Euphrates and Indus where ultimate water wars could kybosh the UN’s optimism.

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