Aug 6, 2012 in Blog Articles

Many experts are forecasting disaster if we continue to see global climate continue to get warmer. However, I read a very interesting study in Mining News Digest edited by Richard Mills based on Serbian astrophysicist Milutin Milankovitch’s research…he is best know for his theories relating to Earth’s motions and long term climate change.Milankovitch developed a mathematical theory of climate change based on the seasonal and latidudinal variations in the solar radiation received by the Earth from the Sun. Apparently his theory is the first plausible one which showed how minor shifts of sunlight could make the entire planet’s temperature swing back and forth from cold to warm over time.The Earth’s climate has been continuously changing throughout its history…from ice covering large amounts of the globe to interglacial periods where there was ice only at the poles. Climate has been in a state of flux for millenia. These interglacial periods usually last somewhere between 15 000 and 20 000 years before another ice ages statrs. According to Milankovitch we are around year 18 000 of the current warm spell. The picture above shows the earth’s potential by the end of the cycle when the polar ice has shrunk and deserts too have shrunks…notice the virtual absence of the namib desert. This would suggest an increase of rainy weather patterns for southern Africa which would be good news.The conclusion of the report stated that ” we need to focus research on growing more food on less land while using less water and building safe, reliable and water supply lines (I have highlighted the reference to water).” And this is where Filcon Filters gets ivolved in helping to ensure that water is cleaned up and waste water is reused and recycled. Filcon is at the forefront of filtration providing clear solutions to all filtration problems. Filcon Filters are filtration specialists, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of filtration products.