Feb 7, 2012 in Blog Articles

The table alongside appears in the Black & Veatch 2011 Survey where respondents in the Utilities industries were asked to rank their environmental concerns on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 indicates “more concern.”Keep in mind that the respondents were based in the USA which is a well watered region and yet “Water Supply” was number one on the list of concerns …”Water Effluent” came in number five just below “Nuclear Safety.”It follows that if water supply and effluent are top of the list of concerns in the USA, we in South Africa should be very worried because we are not that well watered.In addition we have 15 million people without adequate sanitation, 5 million who have no access to clean water. And just think about the fact that there are 3000 schools without water and 1500 have no toilets. As a consequence we have a situation where rivers and dams are polluted by industrial waste and acidic mine water. In addition the pollution from animal and human waste has resulted in further contamination of the water supply and poses a threat to the food supply.We in South Africa ought to be doing our utmost to conserve and reuse water. We should be cleaning up effluent not pouring it down our drains. We at Filcon Filters are concerned, we take pride in being at the forefront of manufacturing and distributing filtration equipment such as self cleaning filters, centrifugal filters, filter housings as well as an extensive range of filter elements and bags, to help in the cause.But above all we have technical personnel who have vast experience in solving filtration problems. We pride ourselves in that we are first and foremost solution providers