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Water Scarcity in South Africa

South Africa is rated as the 30th driest country in world, along with an increasing population which puts pressure on available water resources.

The average rainfall in South Africa is 500mm per year compared to the world average of 860mm.

The average water usage per person is South Africa is 237 litres per day, while the global average is only 173 litres of water per person per day.

Pollution of rivers and waterways affect the condition of water ways and most rivers are heavily polluted.

In the face of global climate change, water security is impacting lives across Southern Africa.

Currently in the Western Cape over 20 key rivers are being monitored for water quality by monitoring the aquatic ecosystems within the rivers.

Pollution levels in rivers around South Africa vary from healthy river ecosystems to those with high levels of pollution. Sources of river pollution are from many different sources which include waste and chemicals from industries along with solid waste from informal settlements.

Benefits of clean rivers:

  • Communities benefit from clean water for consumption, cooking and washing as well as fish as a food source.
  • Many also use clean rivers for cultural rituals and recreation.
  • Plants can be harvested that grow along wetlands.

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Source of this article https://infrastructurenews.co.za/2020/07/20/safeguard-waterways-and-reap-the-benefits/

Photo by Tiaan van Zyl on Unsplash