May 5, 2021 in Blog Articles
Water Quality a Worldwide Concern

Among the most significant environmental concerns facing the country, which Americans are most concerned about are the ones that affect water quality, according to the latest iteration of Gallup’s yearly environment survey.

“When it comes to environmental problems, Americans remain most concerned about two that have immediate and personal potential effects,” Gallup concluded. “For the past 20 years, worries about water pollution — both drinking water and bodies of water — have ranked at the top of the list.”

Now you can be forgiven for not knowing that in first world United States they have problems with the quality of water, and that it is the biggest environmental concern people have. In what is fast becoming a third world country, South Africa currently faces critical challenges in respect of vandalism and theft of water infrastructure in addition to neglect thereof by the responsible authorities.

In its report, the South African Human Rights commission found that the Vaal River has for years been polluted “beyond acceptable standards” by untreated sewage from Emfuleni’s inoperative, dilapidated wastewater treatment plants.

“The consequence is that the pollution impacts natural ecosystems directly dependent on the water in and from the Vaal … The flow of raw sewage on public streets, paths and into homes poses a major health hazard to people and is an obvious violation of their rights to dignity as well,” the report stated.

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