Aug 22, 2012 in Blog Articles

What a surprise! Carbon emissions into the atmosphere in the United States have had a dramatic fall…to a level last seen in 1991. The data from the EIA showed in the first quarter of 2012 that emissions generated by coal wrere at the lowest level since 1983. Another interesting statistic is that coal accounted for 51 percent of total US power generation in 2005 and last year it dropped to 43 percent.The main reason was due to market forces, as utilities switched from burning coal to natural gas because fracking has unlocked vast quantities of gas which has driven the price down.Another reason is that the spring of 2012 was the warmest on record being 2.9 degrees Celsius above the 1900-2000 average.No surprises that Filcon Filters continues to do its share in helping clean the environment. As South Africa’s leading filtration specialists we provide clear solutions to all filtration problems.