Oct 8, 2020 in Uncategorized
Two Wastewater Treatment Plant Employees Found Dead In Pumphouse

In a tragedy that rocked a community in Nebraska, two city employees were found dead at the
state’s McCook Wastewater Treatment Plant according to recent news reports. The cause of
death was not immediately reported as the investigation was ongoing but toxic gas and
hazardous material inside of the facility required local fire and rescue teams to be dispatched to
recover the victims.

However, chlorine gas is often used in wastewater plants, and whilst we don’t know if this gas
was present in this instance, we do know that chlorine gas can kill. Witness the use of it in
armed conflict. In order to circumvent the danger and hazardous nature of chlorine gas in
wastewater treatment click on to this link to read about the benefits of using the MIOX onsite
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