Oct 19, 2016 in Blog Articles
Thirsty Cotton

Are you aware that the cotton T-shirt and pair of jeans you are wearing took over 22 500 litres of water to manufacture?

Do you know that a global total of more than 20 million tons (20 billion kilograms) of cotton is produced each year?

And do you know that 20 000 litres of water is required to produce 1 kilogram of cotton? That’s a lot of water.

Then too, each year, an estimated two and half trillion litres of fresh water is also used in the process of dyeing textiles, putting added strain on declining fresh water supplies. Synthetic, man-made fibers, while not as water-intensive, also add to the problem of water pollution as a consequence of the dyeing process.

We at Filcon Filters are doing our best in supplying filtration equipment and providing solutions to recycle or reuse polluted water.