Aug 16, 2011 in Blog Articles

Filcon Filters new home in Gauteng (seen alongside) is The Old Tin House at 29 High Street, Modderfontein which was erected in 1897 for the Chief Draughtsman of the dynamite factory. So from being the home of the man who worked at blowing up things, The Old Tin House is now the home of Filcon’s team who are solving filtration problems.And in order to give its customers clear solutions, Filcon designs and manufactures various filtration products such as in-line basket strainers, automatic back-flushing strainers, purging strainers and the DirtGobbla centrifugal separators. We represent a number of international companies such as Eaton Filtration and we market bag and cartridge housings and specialise in filter bags and cartridges. In addition we supply RO membranes, UV sterilizers, ultrafine filters for engine & transmission oil.