Nov 7, 2011 in Blog Articles

Here is a picture of the largest living bio-filter in North America using hydroponics. This wall of plants is 23 meters high by almost 7 meters wide …the network of vegetation grows hydroponically between two layers of a rough material and without soil.Drexel University’s living filtration system acts as a giant air filter removing indoor polutants and contaminants…as air is drawn into the wall it comes into contact with water. The chemicals in the air on contact with the water are absorbed into the root system of the plants…bacteria and fungi living on the roots eat the particulates and volatile compounds thereby removing them from the air.In addition, the wall uses the plants’ natural respiratory properties to cool the indoor air in summer and function like a humidifier in winter. We at Filcon acknowledge the commitment of Drexel University to environmental sustainability. We are proud to be purveyors of filtration equipment for the removal of contaminants from liquids, air and gas. Be sure to contact us if you are in the market for automatic back washing filters, in line basket strainers, bag and cartridge housings, membrane filters, RO membranes etc. But we do more than sell filtraion equipment, rather we offer clear solutions to filtration problems.