Jul 21, 2022 in Uncategorized

In our last blog the point was made that he South African government’s latest Blue Drop report had revealed that the tap water quality in 23% of South African municipalities is ranked at “critical risk”, with residents in some areas being warned to boil the water before drinking it. Now a report from Royal HaskoningDHV highlights that rapid urbanization, increased income growth and increased levels of pollution in the river systems are factors which have contributed to the worsening situation. The report also mentions that a number of municipalities are running out of funds for even basic operational requirement, such as chlorine, to treat contaminants in wastewater.

Adding to the problem is that many municipalities lack sound management and expertise. In recent years they have come to rely more and more on administrators and finance ministers instead of engineers when it comes to wastewater management and maintenance. More qualified engineers are required at the centre of decision making, but sadly this is unlikely to happen.

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