Nov 29, 2011 in Blog Articles

I came across a statistic which surprised me and may surprise you too. Did you know that 25 percent of existing homes and 40 percent of new homes in the United States make use of septic tank waste water systems? They are not linked to your usual first world sewage systems. And it meets with the approval of EPA and Congress who in 1997 officially recognised onsite wastewater treatment systems (aka septic tanks).The standard septic system provides effective treatment, requires minimal maintenance, offers longevity and is a good economical choice. But there are drawbacks as the residents of Cape Cod are finding out. A problem has arisen because of the dramatic rise in development on the Cape where the 200 000 full-time residents make use of septic tanks. And although the septic tanks adequately treat the bacteria from household waste, they do not remove all the nitrogen from the waste water.As a consequence, in warmer months, a film of algae spreads across the coastal waters which looks and smells offensive. And residents are making a big stink about the situation. But this is not a new problem…I looked into the situation and found that The Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Centre had produced a study in September 2002 on how to deal with the nitrogen problem. Obviously it has not as yet been implemented.We at Filcon Filters are aware that growing populations and concentrations of habitation is impacting the environment. We are aware that lack of water and pollution of it are major threats to mankind’s future. In providing clear solutions for the reuse of water, for filtering it and for treatment of waste water we believe we are doing our bit.If you have any water related problems be sure to contact us, even if it is for free advice. However, we do have a full range of filtration products such as bag and cartridge filters, self celaining filters, centrifugal filters, in line basket strainers, RO membranes, UV sterilisers etc.