Oct 20, 2011 in Blog Articles

Conventional wisdom has it that with regard to lube oil one needs to change after a fixed number of kilometers or hours. However, according to the Nicols Concrete Equipment Company the wiser strategy is Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) which means only change oil when an oil analysis says that it needs to be done. Nichols have a fleet of 55 trucks, all of them MACK AI ASE7 engines and transmissions.Instead of changing oil every 300 hours, they do a particle count to look at the condition of the oil. On their test rig using a CJC filter they found that after 1300 hours the oil’s properties were still intact. The article describing what Nicols are doing is available on request together with an article titled The Cost to Exclude one Gram of Dirt in the October edition of Machinery Lubrication.If you operate machinery with a need to filter enine and oil transmission oil, hydraulic oil or diesel and bio fuel you should read these articles on how to cut down your costs…a must read.