Jun 20, 2013 in Blog Articles

South Africa can learn a lot from Singapore when it comes to managing its water resources. South Africa receives an average annual rainfall of 464mm compared to the world average of 860mm which highlights the fact that this country is seriously deprived of water.Singapore is not comparable because it is a city state covering just 700 square kilometers but with a high annual rainfall average of 2 400mm with obviously limited land area to catch and store the rainfall. However, it does suffer from a serious shortage of water. due to limited land area and population of 4.5 million.The Singapore government have implemented a plan. They integrated water management with land management in order to be able to prevent water pollution through sewage or other pollution sources. The Public Utilities Board is a single agency which manages water supply, sanitation and storm water drainage.Singapore has a holistic water system which provides water from four sources referred to as the “four taps.”TAP 1: Rainfall which is collected in artificial reservoirs from the carefully managed catchment areas, dependent on extent of rainfallTAP 2: Imported water from Malayasia according to 99 year agreement signed in 1962TAP 3: NEWater, reclaimed water from waste water provides 30 percent of demandTAP 4: Seawater, desalination through Reverse Osmosis provides only 10 percent of daily needsSingapore’s declared goal is to be water self sufficient by 2061 when the Malaysian water agreement is due to expire. However, government sources reckon that self sufficiency will be achieved long before that date.Filcon Filters is keenly aware of South Africa’s need to protect South Africa’s limited water resources through recycling and reuse….management of waste water is a focal point. In addittion Filcon imports and distributes a wide range of filtration products such as filter housings, bag filters, cartridge filters etc. Filcon also manufactures automatic back flushing strainers, inline basket strainers, centrifugal separators, and purge & Y strainers.