Mar 16, 2012 in Blog Articles

Filcon Filters supplied ReactoGard V filters to a South African oil refinery in 2010. Read why the oil company in question bought these filters:”The major justification for the RCD feed filter replacement with ReactoGard V is that of reliability…the third part of the justification is the penalty of R6.03 million because of unhydrotreated feed sent to FCC during normal and upset conditions per year”.Are our customers happy? “With the new filters because of the addition of the forward purge no unhydrotreated feed is sent to the FCC, resulting in a saving of R6.03 million in penalties per year. Value addition because of new ReactoGard V filters: R6.03 million per annum. Payback period: 1.2 years”.The ReactoGard V is manufactured by the Ronningen Petter division of Eaton Technologies. Eaton systems provide superior durability, cleanability, filtration performance, and operational flexibility. Filcon Filters is proud of its association with Eaton.Filcon Filters supplies a wide range of quality filtration products: such as self cleaning filters, in line basket strainers, centrifugal strainers, filter bag and cartridge housings, all sorts of filter bags and filter cartridges, membranes etc. Besides our quality products we provide clear solutions to all filtration problems…backed up by over 50 years experience.