Oct 11, 2012 in Blog Articles

The SA Rand (ZAR) is likely to weaken considerably over coming months which is going to push up the price of imported filtration products. This is the forecast from our friends at InvesTRAC (www.investrac.com) who are targeting a rate of +-12.7500 for the USDZAR in the months ahead …however, they do see possible sticking points which have been highlighted on the chart.As a consequence of timely warnings we are holding considerable stock which will help us to hold prices but over time there are going to be price increases. However, we will be able to contain prices to some degree on the range which we manufacture… automatic self flushing strainers, inline basket strainers, filter bag housings, cartridge housings, purge and Y strainers as well as our centrifugal separator, the famous Dirt Gobbla…click on to the brochure of our range of locally made filtration products…. Click here to download our Brochure (1 MB)