Apr 17, 2014 in Blog Articles

QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN / IF FILTER BAGS FAIL1) Is the basket the right length and diameter? Restrainer basket length should be a little shorter, if not, the bag will be suspended and could rupture under the weight of contaminant. Ensure that bag is always supported by the basket2) Did the operator remove the damaged bag using excessive force? Bag sometimes may be trapped in basket perforations and excessive force can tear off the top…when removing used bags always first twist the bag top gently to disengage any trapped media from basket perforation3) Did the flow exceed the recommended flow rate?4) Did the pressure differntial rise above 1.5 bar? Recommended change out at 1 bar5)  Was there a power failure? When power fails the operator must immediately close the inlet valve and then close the outlet valve…when power supply resumes open the outlet valve first and then SLOWLY open the inlet valve to resume operationFilcon Filters supplies a wide range of filter bags…apart from the usual felt and mono filament bags there are special bags such as iron removal bags, sub micron absolute filter bags