Filter Cartridges

Standard Pleated Filter Cartridges

With absolute ratings of 99.98% from 0.5 to 70 microns, FTC’s pleated cartridges are designed to efficiently remove a large range of solids from liquid streams. Each cartridge has a pleated, fixed pore media which maximizes effective surface area while preventing particle unloading and fiber migration. Media selections include cellulose, fiberglass, polyester, and polypropylene.

Based on similar flow rates, FTC Conventional Series filters have up to 4 times the dirt holding capacity of typical string wound cartridges and up to twice the dirt holding capacity of typical spun bonded filters.

By utilizing high temperature components, these cartridges have been used in filtration applications that exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. FTC’s wide variety of pleated media, filter sizes, and end cap configurations provide customers with the preferred cartridge for their specific application. Superior methods of construction combined with excellent quality control techniques, ensure that FTC filter cartridges will provide quality filtration in difficult operating conditions.



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