Ronningen-Petter AFC-Series from Eaton

Ronningen-Petter AFC-Series from Eaton

High-pressure capability and modular flexibility

When your application demands high-pressure operation – up to 1,000 psi (69 bar) – and scaleable flexibility, the Ronningen-Petter AFC-Series is optimal. AFC-Series systems are available in single-, duo-, and multiplex configurations to meet your application and business demands.

Multiplex Filters Multiplex: Units consist of two or more single filter units valved in parallel to common headers. This configuration enables sequential back-washing of individual elements while the system remains in operation.

Single Filters: Designed for batch or intermittent service, our single AFC-Series filters are ideal for a wide range of applications. Quick coupling connectors afford easy media access for inspection, cleaning, or replacement. We offer a choice of Strate-Thru and Standard configurations, both with pressure gauge and drain valve options.

Duo Filters: Ronningen-Petter AFC-Series duo filters consist of two single filter units connected to a pair of 3-way valves for continuous service during cleaning or maintenance. For this reason, duo filters are typically rated at the same capacity as a single. But, for intermittent service applications, the valves can be positioned so that both units operate simultaneously.