• 740-Series
  • 740-Series

Premium Deep Pleat 740 Series Filter Cartridges

FTC’s Premium Deep Pleat PDP 740 Series has been engineered to provide greater dirt holding capacity than standard industry deep pleat elements. The Premium Deep Pleat Series can be constructed with metal or non-polypropylene components for applications that involve higher temperatures.


  • 0.5 micron to 100 micron @ 99.0% efficiency (beta 100)
  • Available in Polypropylene and Cellulose
  • Fits standard 740 cartridge filter vessels with positive #226 O-ring seal
  • Replaces up to 7 standard 2.5″ OD pleated cartridges or 28 string would elements in dirt holding capacity

Common Applications: Amines, Glycols, Completion Fluids, Brines, Waterflood, Produced Water, Disposal Water, Fuels, Bio-fuels, Organic Solvents, Machine Coolant, High Temperature Applications, Water and Wastewater reuse, Ground Water Remediation, Disposal Water, Cooling Towers, Chemicals, Plating Solutions.