Pipeline Strainers

Pipeline Strainers

Protecting Your Pumps, Filters, Nozzles, Flowmeters, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Oil Burners, and Boilers From Pipeline Debris
For over 75 years, Eaton Strainers have earned the confidence of thousands of users. They have led the way with designs that meet the ever-growing and rigorous demands of process and manufacturing industries, utilities, and municipalities.

Modern Equipment and Facilities
To ensure our position as the world’s leading strainer manufacturer, we continue to make major investments in the acquisition of state-ofthe- art equipment. This includes the installation of new CNC machining equipment in our manufacturing plant to assure the accurate production and reproducibility of all strainer parts.

Large Inventories
Maintaining a large and broad inventory of strainers, we can provide off-the-shelf delivery of Simplex, Duplex, and Y strainers in cast iron, carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel, and plastics such as PVC and Corzan® CPVC.
For our line of Strain-O-Matic self-cleaning filters and strainers, a large inventory of standardized components allows us to meet custom requirements and ship complete units within a short time-scale.

Full Line of Strainers
We have strainers for almost any fluid and flow condition. There is a broad and complete range of Eaton Strainers to meet virtually any requirement.

Custom Requirements
For a unique configuration or size, unusually high pressure, or a special alloy, we have the capability and experience to economically fabricate a strainer to exactly meet your needs.

ISO Certification
We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer and customers can be assured that we design and build for quality. Our Quality Management System is monitored and certified by TÜV.

Applications and Sales Engineering
Prompt attention to the needs and questions of our customers is the hallmark of our service. We have a dedicated field sales engineering force in all major countries in Europe, together with the United States, Canada, and the Far East.



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