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Nominal Bag 100 Series Filters

FTC’s Nominal NB 100 Pleated Bag Filter Cartridges are designed to offer value and economy for your nominal filtration requirements while providing the reliability and high performance of a rigid filter. Constructed with polypropylene or polyester needled felt media, the FTC Series NB100 will offer 28 times the life and dirt holding capacity of a standard size 2 felt bag. Offered in a wide range of micron ratings, the NB 100 Series will install into the metal retainer basket of existing size 2 bag housings without equipment modification.


  • 1 micron to 200 micron
  • Fits #2 size bag vessels without equipment modification
  • 28 times the life and dirt holding capacity of size 2 felt bag
  • Product fluids drain easily from dirty filters upon removal from housing
  • Savings on labor change out fees
  • Savings on acquisition and disposal costs and, if applicable, hazardous disposal fees

Common Applications: Process fluids, Pre-RO, Plant Make up water, Wastewater use and reuse, Ground Water Remediation, Fracking water, Machine Coolants, Disposal Water, Cooling Towers, Chemicals.


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