• Maximum Capacity 650 Series Bag Filters
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Maximum Capacity 650 Series Bag Filters

FTC Maximum Capacity MC 650 provides the highest dirt holding capacity of all bag filter series. The highly researched pleat design maximizes dirt holding capacity and surface area. In addition to a wide range of media options, the MC 650 series also offers a broad range of micron ratings and efficiencies.

Maximum Capacity MC 650 Series Bag Filter Cartridges

  • 0.5 micron to 135 micron @ 99.98% efficiency (beta 5000)
  • Available with Polypropylene, Polyester, Cellulose, Nylon and Glass Fiber Media
  • Fits #2 size bag filter vessels with positive O-ring seal

Common Applications: Amines, Glycols, Pre-RO, Completion Fluids, Brines, Plating Solutions, Waterflood, Produced Water, Process fluids, Pre-RO, Water and Wastewater reuse, Ground Water Remediation, Chemicals, Cooling Towers.


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