Labfil Mesh

Labfil Membrane Filters

Labfil membrane filters are available in PES (polyethersulfone), PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and CA (Cellulose Acetate). PES is an extra high performance membrane formulated and optimised for critical fluid applications. They have an asymmetric pore structure resulting in gradedparticle retention and therefore have excellent throughput. The flow rate is very fast and the membranes are bubble point tested for quality assurance.

When they are used for biological fluid filtration they display low protein binding and absorption characteristics and are auto-clavable at 121o C, 1 bar. For analytical purposes such as sample analysis/preparation or HPLC mobile phase filtration the membranes exhibit low extractables and contain no external wetting agents thus ensuring no other external factors in the analysis. This membrane works fine with common HPLC solvents like Methanoland Acetonitrile. The PES membrane also shows extremely good resistance to acids and works well in PGM analysis or other mining applications.