High Flow DPU 600 Series

High Flow DPU 600 Series

FTC introduces its DPU-600 High Flow Series. It was originally designed for low solids applications requiring high flow rates, but it is a great option for almost any application.

The unique design of this pleated element provides a large effective filter surface area within the space constraints of a standard 6” cartridge diameter while flow is maximized through the use of a large ID.

The DPU-600 High Flow Series element is designed to fit inside existing housings and provide a positive O-ring seal without housing modification.


  • 0.5 micron to 135 micron @ 99.98% efficiency (beta 5000)
  • Available with Polypropylene, Polyester, Cellulose, Nylon and Glass Fiber Media
  • Fits standard High Flow filter vessels with positive O-ring seal