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High Capacity 550 Series Bag Filters

FTC’s High Capacity HC 550 Bag Filter Cartridges are designed with high particle removal efficiencies and are available in a wide variety of liquid filtration micron ranges. The unique design of these elements offers a cost effective filtration solution by providing a large effective surface area within the constraints of standard bag filter housing. The High Capacity HC 550 Series Bag Filters can increase the surface area in a standard #2 size bag housing and increase the dirt holding capacity as much as 20 times over that of a conventional bag filter.


  • 2 micron to 100 micron @ 99.0% efficiency (beta 100)
  • Available with Polypropylene Media
  • Fits #2 size bag filter vessels with positive molded rubber seal

Common Applications: Amines, Glycols, Acids, Bases, Pre-RO, Completion Fluids, Brines, Plating Solutions, Waterflood, Produced Water.


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