GREASOLUX fat dissolvent cartridges can be used to avoid the problems of pipeline choking, equipment damage, offensive odours, formation of filamentous bacteria, poor wastewater treatment results and poor sediment properties of activated sludge.

GREASOLUX – is a cartridge enriched with special FOG dissolvent microorganisms and enzymes which slowly dissolve in water. It is an especially efficient product for low cost solutions to problems caused by FOG (fat, oil and fat)… just a few strategically placed cartridges will remove or minimize the problems caused by fat.

GREASOLUX efficiency lies in the special cartridge structure containing especially powerful fat dissolving microorganisms and enzymes. As the cartridges slowly dissolve, microorganisms spread throughout the wastewater system (pipelines, vessels, etc.) and consolidate on various surfaces where they come in contact with the FOG. Thus a small number of microorganisms initiate growth of large bacterial colonies which are able to dissolve large amounts of fat efficiently.

GREASOLUX is simple to use: just suspend the cartridges where needed and then replace them regularly every one or two months.



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