• Emerald 240 Series ‘Oil Guzzler’ Cartridges
  • Oil Filter

Emerald 240 Series ‘Oil Guzzler’ Cartridges

FTC Emerald 240 Series ‘Oil Guzzler’ cartridges are designed to offer effective removal of oil from water in a conventional 2.5″ OD size design. ‘Oil Guzzler’ cartridges offer maximum oil absorbing capacity as well as a built-in flow cutoff mechanism designed to provide a positive indication of pending cartridge saturation prior to any oil bypass.


  • 2.5″ OD x 30″ & 40″ L Cartridge Filters
  • DOE w/ gaskets or SOE w/ #222 o-ring end
  • Fits Conventional Style cartridge filter vessels
  • Recommended flow rate of 1 GPM per 10″ length
  • Oil holding capacity – up to 1.1 Liters or 0.275 Liters per 10″ length

Common Applications: Polishing hydrocarbons or water soluble organics from water in Environmental Applications.


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