• DPW 600 Series High Temp Bag Filters
  • Filter Bag

DPW 600 Series High Temp Bag Filters

The FTC DPW 600 Bag filter element is designed for high temperature applications or applications with hydrocarbons in the process stream. Combining this design with our co-pleating technology maximizes dirt holding capacity. The DPW 600 Series is designed to seal inside Rosedale Bag Housings without equipment modification.


  • High Temperature Bag Filter Applications
  • Positive O-ring seal
  • 0.5 micron to 70 micron @ 99.98% efficiency (beta 5000)
  • Available with Cellulose, Glass and Nylon media
  • Tinned Steel Can Body

Common Applications: High Temperature, Glycols, Fuels, Various hydrocarbons, Biofuels, Produced Water, Disposal Water.


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