DIRTGOBBLA Centrifugal Separators

DIRTGOBBLA Centrifugal Separators

VERTICAL UNITS – 15mm to 100mm

Solids in any liquid system flow are the single greatest cause of engineering problems such as:

  • Piping and equipment wear
  • Plugged nozzles and valves
  • Reduced flow, downtime
  • Excessive maintenance.

Removing these solids used to mean using expensive filters or strainers having filter elements which also clogged and fouled. Replacing or cleaning these elements was in itself, also a great cause of maintenance and expense.

  • No longer, though – now the new DirtGobbla range of centrifugal action separators removes the solids by a combination of centrifugal force and gravity.
  • No screens to clean.
  • No bags or cartridges to replace.
  • No working parts to wear out or break down.