• Conventional ABY Series Filters
  • Gas Filters

Conventional ABY Series


  • 3.75″ OD x 40″ L Cartridge Filters
  • Absolute gas particle micron ratings as low as 0.1 micron
  • Available with Polypropylene, Polyester, Cellulose, Nylon and Glass Fiber Media
  • Fits MCC1401Style cartridge filter vessels with positive O-ring seal
  • Dirt holding capacity – up to 4.0 pounds

Common Applications: Amine Plant Feed Gas and Treated Gas, Suction and Discharge of Compressors, Burner / Heater Gas Purification, Downstream of Molecular Sieve Beds, Alumina Beds, Activated Carbon Beds, Flare Systems, City Gates and Metering Systems, Turbine & Reciprocating Engine Fuel Gas, Natural Gas Pipelines.


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