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CG40 Series Liquid-Gas Coalescer

FTC’s line of Liquid-Gas Coalescers are designed to provide the most cost effective, high efficiency liquid coalescence available on the market. The proprietary interception, coalescence and drainage layers are pleated in conjunction with a high efficiency micro-fiber media to ensure high efficiency separation of sub-micron liquid aerosols from gas streams while minimizing fluid carry over.


  • Available in 0.1µ, 0.3µ and other micron ratings
  • High surface area, low pressure drop
  • Direct upgrade for most liquid gas coalescing elements on the market

Common Applications: Amine & Glycol Plant Feed Gas and Treated Gas, Suction and Discharge of Compressors, Burner/Heater Gas Purification, Protection of Molecular Sieve Beds, Alumina Beds, Flare Systems, Turbine & Reciprocating Engine Fuel Gas, Natural Gas Pipelines.


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