Catalogue Amine Filtration

Backwashing Amine Filter

Dirty Amine flows into the filter through the inlet header valve. Contaminant is collected on the outside of the filter elements. Clean Amine flows through the elements and into the outlet header of the filter and back to the amine loop.

As contaminant builds on the filter elements, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter increases. When the differential pressure reaches 15 psi, the system automatically initiates a backwash.

At the beginning of the backwash sequence the inlet and outlet header valves close. This isolates the filter bank from the process. Each station isolation valve closes. The stations are then individually forward purged of amine with nitrogen gas. The Amine goes to your storage for reuse. The backwash supply pump sends clean water to backwash the filter. Each filter station is HydroShockTM cleaned by sequentially opening each station valve for 6 seconds. This dirty water then flows to the drain with only minimal amine content. The water in the filter is then forward purged out to drain with nitrogen gas to minimized dilution of the active amine system.

The inlet, nitrogen elimination, and station valves open. Amine fills the filter, venting the nitrogen. The outlet valve opens and the filter bank is back on-line, filtering the Recirculating Amine.



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