Aqua Membranes product

Aqua Research membranes

Reverse Osmosis membranes.


Aqua Research membranes.

  • Increase Capacity of Existing Systems

Our unique patented Printed Spacer Technology® allows for more membrane to be packaged
into traditional membrane sizes. This means existing systems can produce up to 40% more
permeate without the need to add new equipment.

  • Reduce Total Capital Cost

Aqua Membranes Printed Spacer elements produce more water per element than traditional
mesh spacer elements. This means that new systems can be designed with fewer elements and
housings which lowers cost. Additionally, the decrease in size leads to savings on building cost
and reduces maintenance expenses.

Lower Operating Cost

Conserv elements have a lower feed to reject pressure drop allowing for lower primary pressures,
and greater opportunity for energy recovery. This reduces the energy consumption in a system
and lowers the overall cost of treatment.

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