Filter Cartridges

740K Platinum Series Alternate Filter Cartridges

FTC introduces its new PSK-740 PLATINUM Series absolute rated filter cartridges.

This unique design, U.S. Patent No. 5824232, uses segregated flow channels and flow chambers to maximize the effective surface area of the pleated filter media within a 6.25 inch OD cartridge. Combining this design with the technique of pleating several different filter media together in a single pleat pack maximizes dirt holding capacity.

In this series, FTC offers its customers a high dirt capacity cartridge with a heavy duty core designed to snuggly fit existing filter supports and effectively operate at pressures exceeding 75 PSID. With effective surface areas of up to 80 square feet, these cartridges can provide quality filtration at high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

These cartridges are available in 100% FDA approved polypropylene components as required for certain applications. They can also be manufactured with cellulose, glass, or polyester media and high temperature components to provide customers with the preferred cartridge for their specific need.



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