Filter Cartridges

740 Platinum Series High Flow Filter Cartridges

FTC introduces its new 740 PLATINUM Series absolute rated filter cartridge.

This unique design, U.S. Patent No. 5824232, uses segregated flow channels and flow chambers to maximize the effective surface area of the pleated filter media within a 6.25 inch OD cartridge. Combining this design with the technique of pleating several different filter media together in a single pleat pack maximizes dirt holding capacity.

One 740 PLATINUM Series filter is designed to have the dirt holding capacity of 10 standard 2.5 inch OD pleated cartridges of similar length. Available in a wide variety of filter media, this cartridge can be constructed with metal end caps and core for high temperature applications.

With a recommended flow rate of 40 GPM, this FTC PLATINUM Series filter is the solution to achieving optimum performance while minimizing filtration costs.



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