Jul 3, 2012 in Blog Articles

About 90 percent of the electricity generated in South Africa comes from coal-fired power stations…the Koeberg nuclear power station near Cape Town provides about 5 percent and a further 5 percent is provided by hydroelectric and pumped storage schemes.Do you know what pressure that coal-fired pwoer stations place on fresh water supplies? It is huge according to information contained in a new report “Burning Our Rivers:: The Water Footprint of Electricity” which deals with the situation in the United States. An average U.S. household’s monthly energy use requires 150 000 liters of water which is five times more than the direct residential water use of that same household. According to the U.S. Geologoical Survey 53 percent of all fresh surface water withdrawn for human consumption in 2005 was used for the generation of electricity. Coal-fired electricity requires the withdrawal of approximately 51 000 liters and the consumption of 1 800 liters of water per one MWh for cooling purposes. Then too, think of the water consumed in the mining of coal which results in millions of liters of polluted water contaminating fresh water supplies.So every day when you switch on your lights be mindful too that you are consuming water. And water world wide is in short supply. One reason why Filcon Filters is doing what it can to promote the recycling, re-use, treatment and filtration of water. Filcon Filters provides solutions. We distribute and manufacture a wide range of filtration products and with our partners are involved in the treatment of water for re-use. We have over 50 years of combined experience.