May 26, 2011 in Blog Articles

Are you aware that polluted drinking water claims more lives each year than all the forms of violence, including war, according to a UN report? Do you know that one child under the age of five dies every 20 seconds from water related diseases? Think about it…by the time you have finished reading this article four children will have died!Each day some two million tons of waste is being discharged into rivers and seas causing the spread of disease whilst damaging the environment. Tons and tons of untreated sewage and industrial and agricultural wastes enter the world’s water systems, day after day, after day.The UN report described this wastewater as a “cocktail of fertilizer run-off and sewage disposal alongside animal, industrial, agicultural and other wastes”.Latest casualties are more than 250 deaths in two months in Yaounde, Cameroon caused by an unprecedented outbreak of cholera. Abnormal rainfall has turned pit toilets and garbage heaps, common in the poorer neighbourhoods, into ponds of raw sewage which is seeping into the water supply and infecting it with cholera.Most reported cases of cholera occur in Africa. The incidence of cholera is being under reported by countries afraid of losing trade and income from tourism. It has been estimated that the disease is infecting millions of people a year, ten times more than the number of cases reported despite the fact that cholera is one of three diseases requiring notification to WHO under the International Health Regulations. We, at Filcon Filters, feel strongly about the right we all have to clean water. That is why we are in the business of providing filtration and water treatment products to help municipalities, industry and agricultre clean up their act.