Dec 19, 2017 in Blog Articles
MIOX Hypochlorite Generator: The Manufacturer Makes a Difference

Video Transcription:
So now you’re looking for an on-site hypochlorite generator, but have you considered the differences between manufacturers?

With MIOX, you’ll get:

  • A more efficient and reliable electrolytic cell with a unique design to ensure consistent production across the cell’s surface
  • Patented self-cleaning through reversing polarity of the cells, virtually eliminating the need for acid cleaning
  • Automated flow control that adjusts for unexpected changes in water pressure, reducing operator intervention
  • A single enclosure that dramatically reduces footprint and installation cost, and allows for comprehensive factory testing of the completed system before shipment, plus a modular cell design to easily increase future production capacity within the same enclosure
  • A safer hydrogen venting process via a liquid barrier with no moving parts, electrical requirements, or check valves
  • A fully automated control system with remote control capabilities and monitoring of operational parameters, allowing the system to proactively self-diagnose
  • A unique transformer-less design, which significantly reduces footprint, cost, and weight
  • The option to choose Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) for better biofilm removal and better efficacy
  • Not to mention an elegant design that resists rust and looks brand new for years to come

Most on-site generation systems don’t have it all, but after continuously investing in technology with more than 50 patents, MIOX does, which makes it the most technologically advanced on-site chemical generation product out there.