Jul 17, 2013 in Blog Articles

Market Researchers TechNavio’s analysts forecast global water and wastewater treatment equipment market to grow strongly over the next few years. A key factor is increased water demand which is causing the price of fresh water to rise without a concomitant increase in supply. This water demand-supply imbalance is expected to drive the need for water desalination in areas where there is an acute shortage of freshwater sources. Some forecasters are suggesting that the demand for potable water could well exceed supply  50 percent by 2025. This is going to put pressure on the price for potable water and already it is known that a number of UK will hike water tariffs during 2013-2014. Nothing in the report is new but it serves to once more highlight the fact a country such as South Africa could be in dire straits. It is estimated that 40 percent of water is lost before being delivered to users through aging municipality infrastructure which costs the country R7 billion annually for the 1580 million m3 liters wasted water which cannot be billed The  report states that one of the major challenges in this market is the lack of proper infrastructure which is a global problem not just South Africa’s. Clearly water reuse and waste water treatment is a global growth industry.