Jun 25, 2020 in Blog Articles
Increase capacity of an existing Reverse Osmosis plant by up to 50% without adding more elements

3D Printed Spacer

Filcon Filters, the sole agent/distributor of the products from Aqua Research LLC (Albuquerque, USA) announce the introduction of a new line of Reverse Osmosis membranes. After extensive research into the use of printed feed spacers in preference to conventional mesh spacers, the company can claim that these new membranes have the potential to increase the capacity of an existing plant by up to 50% without adding more elements.

• More permeate per element
• Less fouling of the element
• Lower pressure drop per element
• Less energy consumption
• Lower operating costs
• Reduce the capital cost of a new plant

View the Aqua Research Pilot Study of its new patented RO membranes using 3D printed spacers in place of conventional mesh.

To find out more information about the Aqua Membranes and for a quotation contact Filcon Filters via our Contact page or via email at info@filconfilters.co.uk