May 12, 2021 in Blog Articles
Huge Water Wastage in South Africa

In South Africa massive volumes of potable water are going to waste and huge infrastructure spend is being planned to meet growing water needs, at a time when the country can least afford it, largely because of a lack of coordination and communication between the public and private sector. Suzette Scheepers, CEO of Messe Muenchen South Africa, presenters of IFAT Africa says: “The latest budget has underlined the concerning state of our economy, and the need for everyone to collaborate to overcome our infrastructure issues and drive economic growth as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. In the water and waste sectors – both facing crisis situations – the private sector is anxious to bring its expertise and technologies to the table, to support state efforts to achieve this.”

One such company is Filcon Filters’ customer AECI Water whose CEO Dean Mulqueeny explained that “we’re cleaning and reusing effluent water for many of our own manufacturing sites, and at our AECI Mining Explosives Modderfontein factory alone, we have a project underway that will remove demand for 400 million litres of potable water from the grid each year. We have a target to remove a billion litres of potable water off the grid this year.”

We at Filcon Filters  support efforts to filter, reuse and recycle water through our filtration products and also as agents for De Nora,

the largest provider of electrodes and coatings for electrochemical processes for water sterilization. De Nora is among the leaders in water and wastewater treatment technologies and processes for municipal and industrial applications.

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