Jun 25, 2013 in Blog Articles

The United Nations report that 1.3 billion tons of global food production is either wasted or lost each year. This fact has prompted food manufacturers in Europe to support a new initiative styled Every Crumb Counts to help reduce and prevent edible food wastage. Of course a different iniative is needed to prevent the wastage which occurs daily in weatern homes. However, this iniative is to be welcomed.And today June 25, 2013 will see the signing of the Every Crumb Counts declaration in Brussels. This iniative follows and compliments the Think.Eat.Save theme of World Environment Day on June 5th which highlighted the problem of food waste and its impact on the environment and food inequalities across the world.We at Filcon support this iniative. Our involvement in environmental issues is based on ensuring water gets cleaned up and reused/recycled. We distribute a wide range of filtration products such as filters which remove hydrocarbons from water…with our partners we are concerned about treating and recycling sewage…we manufacture a centrifugal separator which removes sand from river water….just to mention a few of the areas where we are involved.